Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I don't have much interesting to say. Except...


Finally, after months and months of looking, I got hired for the holidays at Bath and Body Works! I start tomorrow, with an orientation at 3 P.M. I'm not sure how many hours I'll be getting, but I don't care, I'm just happy to finally have something.

Life has kinda sucked for a while now and I'm really glad it's finally starting to, you know... not suck. It'll be nice to have some money in my pockets, even if it's just a little. Maybe I can find something else, too. I'll have to see what my schedule is like.

Anyway, that was all. I'll probably have more to talk about tomorrow.


  1. hell yes!!! i'm so happy for you, for real. plus, B&BW should be a fairly fun place to work at. imagine all the samples you'll get to take home! good job, i hope you like it!

  2. I think I'll be alright. Everyone I've met there save one girl has been really nice. Even then, she wasn't rude or anything, just kind of... chilly towards me for some reason.

    But yeah, samples, employee discounts... Everyone's getting a shot at it that wants it. I'm glad that particular store isn't as reeky as some of the others I've been to that knock you out when you pass the entrance, though. I wouldn't be able to take it.

  3. Congratulations!!

    Let us know more about that one girl. She sounds like future troubles.