Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cool Stuff and Things!

I went to this annual Christmas shopping festival thing with my mom and her friend's daughter today and I got the COOLEST NECKLACE EVER!

Let me back up and set this up a little better. I found lots of cool stuff- there were vendors from all over the country. I found a makeup bag that I came really close to buying that had an old comic book-style woman drawn on it that said, "God, I'm just so BLOODY BLONDE sometimes!" As a natural blonde, I found it hilarious. My mom bought me some things for Christmas that I was expressly told to forget about, which I probably will- three really pretty bobby pins with dichroic glass on them, and a handmade rainbow-colored bag crocheted from silk. But I passed by a booth with some jewelry that I HAD to inspect closer.

The girl that made them asked me if I knew what steampunk was, and I was like, "Hell YES and I LOVE it!" Some of the pieces were made from watch fobs that still worked, and there was a necklace that had a brass pendant shaped like an alarm clock. Headbands with brass filigree and watch faces. Rings with tiny watch fobs on them. Earrings. But the one I really fell in love with was on a slinky, dark silver chain, a small globe with a functioning, jewel-movement watch inside it. If you wind the little sapphire-tipped winder on the bottom, it runs. You can hear it ticking. I HAD to have it. But I don't even currently have $49 to my name, and that's how much it cost, so that became an early Christmas present. I was that in love with it. But I also wanted to give the girl some business, just as a fellow jewelry maker who knows that there's little to no steampunk market in Panama City.

I'll have to post pictures later.

On an unrelated note, I watched Traffic start to finish for the first time last night. It was a good movie, but not my favorite thing I've ever seen. I mostly enjoyed seeing Benicio Del Toro in tight pants. He's decidedly bootylicious (I SO went there). And shirtless in a pool. Also, he eats at a stand in one scene, and he kind of eats like a little kid, which I found oddly adorable. Normally I hate watching and hearing people eat (it's one of those weird pet peeves you can't quite explain) but I was like, "... Aww." And that scene in the gay bar, where he picks up that drug dealer? Brilliant.

I'll probably watch it again tomorrow night. The mail won't go out until Monday anyway.

I haven't got anything else to talk about right now. Maybe on Monday I'll get good news from Bath and Body Works. It's not like I didn't show interest in that job, I only went back in seven times to ask about it.

Later, dudes.


  1. Thanks! I hope I get it, I lost my leads everywhere else, pretty much. Even if they only keep me through the January semi-annual sale, I'll still have another entry on my resume and a few bucks in the bank.

    Unless I blow all of it on eyeshadow. MY SELF CONTROL IS DEFECTIVE. And I need to see about finding jewelry supplies on ebay and Etsy. I can't spend $250 on a pocketwatch at an antique store but maybe I can find a handful of watch fobs for that much online. But that'll earn me some cash back once I sell it. That and the pieces I've already made.