Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So I'm getting a house.

We're supposed to go up on Thursday to sign the paperwork.

I'm so stressed out right now it's not even funny- I have so much shit to pack up and organize. So it'll be quiet over here for a few days, not that I'm assuming anyone cares.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go throw some books into a box.

Monday, June 13, 2011

What a disappointment.

Last night, I decided to give a movie another try. Several months ago, I saw that a movie called The Pledge was playing on TV. Having heard that it was really great from a few online friends, or at least parts of it, I turned it on to see what they were talking about.

The scene I'd come in on was the interrogation of Toby Jay Wadenah (played by the always-brilliant Benicio Del Toro, who was wearing some truly heinous extensions), a mentally handicapped Native American suspected of raping and brutally murdering a seven-year-old girl. The scene was intense, engaging, and a little sad, because Stan Krolak (Aaron Eckhart), the detective who was interviewing him, was clearly suggesting and leading to get a confession because he knew that Toby would be an easy target. The first time I watched it, I turned the channel after Stan's little victory dance when Toby confessed. It made me so angry; if you have any passing knowledge of how to deal with mentally handicapped people, you know that everything about the way Detective Krolak handled the interrogation was wrong. Toby had nothing to do with the girl's murder, and he was so guilt-ridden (because he'd been convinced that he'd committed the crime) that he took an officer's gun and shot himself in the station. I cried both times I watched it.

That was the best scene, but the second best came a while later, when former detective Jerry Black (a very understated performance by Jack Nicholson) was continuing the investigation, even though the case had been closed because of Toby's confession. Black went to visit Jim Olsted (Mickey Rourke), whose daughter had disappeared a few years before, to get information out of him. Now, I know Mickey Rourke was kind of a joke for a long time, but he is an amazing actor. He made me absolutely believe that he'd lost this little girl, that he was still holding out hope that she would be found, because that was all he had left. It was heartbreaking.

After that, the movie pretty much completely derails. It might as well be a different story, because the original premise is only referred to in passing. It was ridiculous. And the ending was so disappointing- the killer is never caught, even though you know who it is. You know how he was reeling these little girls in, what kind of car he drives, that they all call him "the Wizard"... But he dies in a car accident before he arrives to claim his last victim, where Jerry Black and Stan Krolak were staked out to catch him.

The worst thing was that it was so great for the first half of the movie. It was almost as if they wrote it in succession and just gave up towards the end. Half an hour could've just been left out, and then with that cop-out of an ending... Ugh. So much wasted potential.

EDIT: I thought I would add some pictures of those extensions... They don't look as bad in these screenshots but I can tell you right now, to the trained eye, they are PAINFUL to look at.

Note how close Stan's getting here. It gets weirder.

See!? What the fuck is up with this interrogation?

Also, I want to shave that ridiculous pornstache off Aaron Eckhart's face. Bad. It does NOT suit him at all.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

People on the Internet suck.

Okay, so I belong to this conspiracy theory board (cos I'm a nut case like that), and I'm honestly getting a little frustrated.

See, we also talk a lot about religion, which is fine if everyone can post without making an ass out of themselves. But everyone is so disrespectful, it's insane.

I once brought up the "Paul is Dead" theory and was promptly told I was crazy. Sure, it's okay to speculate that Lady Gaga is the Devil and that Rihanna is an Illuminati puppet, but something rooted in actual forensic science (according to an Italian scientific journal) and reality? THAT'S FUCKING CRAZY. *eyeroll*

Tonight, I've gotten into it with another poster for the second time. See, this kid (I'm assuming it's a kid because the avatar is a picture of Hilary Duff and the English is terrible) keeps reporting people to the mods over nothing and accusing everyone of derailing topics if their post mentions anything other than the OP's subject matter. I called her out on this, and then she said I "keep shoving my opinions down people's throats" and that I'm a hypocrite. And that I shouldn't "preach morality in pantyhose", whatever that means.

The first time I had it out with this person, it was over something I'd written that was pretty badly misinformed, and when I admitted fault, apologized, and tried to make a joke, I was accused of trolling and "sucking up".

I'm tempted to report this person and her dickish behaviour. Give her a taste of her own dick medicine. And yes, that WAS a bad Flight of the Conchords reference.

It's just a little tiring to read every other thread on the message board and see that the same person has been reporting people left and right for the smallest things, when I've never reported anyone once. Ever. And I've been personally attacked before, several times. But I handled it like a fucking adult and addressed the other poster directly rather than involve the mods because they have their hands full as it is.

I really like that message board. I have a lot of fun reading and posting there. But some of the other members make it SO DIFFICULT.

EDIT: Bitch just got reported. She responded to a gay member's post calling her a poe (a troll who constantly preaches about religion and/or morality) that read "Looks like we've got a poe!" And then it had a picture of a poe from Ocarina of Time. Her response? "Looks like we have a fagget picture." Her typo, not mine. So I reported the post and explained to the mods that I tried to address her directly without involving them but this was going too far. Hopefully it won't come back on me, because I did derail the thread a little, but I had a quote from her in every post I made and I was addressing her and only her. Maybe by the time I sign back on there'll be one less troll on that message board.