Monday, January 3, 2011

What a day...

Ugh. I thought I was going to lose my job today.

I went in for a totally optional makeup class at the salon this morning, and it was fun, what little we actually got to do- it was just me, the makeup girl (also my boss' twin sister), and three girls that were already there. After we'd disbanded, my boss called me into her office to discuss a haircut she'd had to intercept on Friday. I hadn't done a swing bob in the better part of a year and I had already asked for help doing a style, I thought I should at least try to do it on my own. This woman had monstrously thick hair (made mine look thin by comparison, and my friends at school referred to my hair as my "pelt" cos it was so thick) and for some reason I didn't think to shampoo her hair and blow-dry it straight before attempting this ridiculous haircut.

Anyway, it ended up a bit too short and the client actually had to come back in to get it worked on some more the next day. I felt terrible and actually had a screaming, crying, fist-pounding breakdown while I was driving home. I was so scared that I was going to get fired, because I'm used to fearing for my job.

The boss-lady was super nice about everything and made a point to tell me that I wasn't in trouble, because 1) she knew I was trying my hardest, 2) she felt I could be taught, and 3) that's a really hard cut to do. It's really big around here so I'll probably get plenty of practice, but I've only done it maybe three or four times before. I told her that I had been worrying about it, thinking I was going to get fired, and that the only reason it upset me was that I like it there. Which is, without a doubt, 100% true. I feel so lucky to be there, I've only worked at that salon for two weeks and I already have formed more of a connection there than I did the entire time I worked at Trade Secret. I would be so horrified if I lost that job.

She and I talked for a few more minutes before I left, feeling a lot better about my situation. I couldn't ask for a better scenario than the one I've found- education is a big thing there and that's exactly what I need. And everyone's so nice, I could probably ask anyone for help and they'd gladly do what they could.

So... There was that.

I also, while running some errands after all that, thought about what to do with my hair. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be at Bath and Body Works and my hair grows crazy-fast, so I think I'll be working up some designs for future haircolor- I want to dye some of my hair, not much, blue-black, and maybe put a chunk of Enchanted Forest back in there because that is my absolute favorite color EVER and I was so sad to dye over it. I'm sure I'll have a few minutes while at work tomorrow to sketch some things out.

Anyway... That's about it. I'll post again when I have more to say.

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