Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I've been lazy about posting lately.

I can't believe I did it, but- after spending about $20 on nail polish in the past two weeks (I wish I was kidding but I'm not)- I broke down and placed a couple of small orders.

I'm still waiting on packages from Meow Cosmetics, Evil Shades, Shiro Cosmetics, and One Hand Washes the Other, and now I've got stuff from Fyrinnae (which I'm admittedly excited about, I can't wait to see if it lives up to the hype) and Aromaleigh (LAST ORDER EVER) coming.

And after that, unless it's some super-amazing deal or I get a windfall in some form or I get a new job, I'm putting myself on a makeup-buying freeze. I have $260 to my name and I'd like to stretch that a bit more just so I feel a little secure.

So why, after losing my regular job, did I order all this stuff? Well, it sounds like more than it is, so let me try and rationalize this for my own conscience:

1.  Meow Cosmetics- It's all samples. All of it. Thirty-something samples. I should get it this week.

2. Evil Shades- I got one full-size eyeshadow, one Hardcore lipgloss, and a sample of their Deviant lipstick. Less than $20.

3. Shiro Cosmetics- I got ten samples and five of her new colored lip balms, the Intertubes. I wanted to get some new colors to try and I thought the Intertubes would be good for summer so I don't have to wear gooey lipgloss all the time.

4. One Hand Washes the Other- More tinted, glittery, gorgeous lip balms. I had three already that I loved, and I decided to get some more. There's one color I don't have that I want, in lavender. I also got a sample of her Black Magic soap to test drive.

5. Aromaleigh- A "rainbow" grab bag- she had some color-coded bags listed on her website with tons of pretty things inside them and I thought, what the Hell. I love my Aromaleigh shadows.

6. Fyrinnae- I have wanted to try this stuff since I first heard about it. Especially the Pixie Epoxy. So I ordered four samples, the full-size epoxy, and a full-size lip lustre.

So... there you have it. I think I can hold off for a while with all that coming to me.

In other news, I started a diet so maybe at least by this time next year I'll weigh what I'm supposed to. I've been cheating a little but as long as I'm eating better than I was I think I'll be alright.


That's all I've really got right now. Later.

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