Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I hate everything right now.

Seriously, I want to know when and why I became everyone's bitch. It's been like that for years but I'm really getting fucking sick of it.

Yesterday, I had a client. Not unusual. It was a microcurrent treatment, which isn't difficult but the machine we have is needlessly complicated (I've seen others that only had a few buttons, this one has about fifty) so I'm a little shaky on how to work it. My client had two dental screws in her mouth, which should've counted her out for the treatment automatically, according to what we're taught, but I was told to go ahead with it (although my teachers both said they wouldn't have done the treatment if it was up to them). Someone must've had the owner come in and check on me, because she came in and informed me that the machine wasn't on. Well, it was, the current just wasn't on (like I said, needlessly complicated). After she left, I re-did everything, following the protocols to the letter, and my client kept saying she couldn't feel anything. But we're taught that clients are liars and they'll say things like that so that you give them more. Besides, I was afraid I would hurt her if I turned it up... I didn't want to send electricity through her metal implants and blow them out of her face or something.

After I finished the treatment, I went to the school's owner and asked what I should do, and she chewed me out in front of her class about how she was going to have to comp the service. She said, "You would know more about the machines if you didn't sit on your ass all the time and not take services!"

Um... Excuse me?

First of all, it's incredibly unprofessional to yell at a student in a room full of other students. Second, I do take services. I may go one or two days a week out of the five I'm there without getting anything, but I'm part-time. Of course I won't have as much to do. And you know, I would like to attend class once in a while, because we may not be tested on what we're learning now, but it's useful information.

And this morning, she cornered me and asked me why I didn't like taking services. I didn't know what to say, so I just didn't say anything. It's hard to stand up to a bi-polar drunk who can and will find some bullshit reason to expell you if she decides she doesn't want to deal with you anymore. She also gave me shit about leaving early on Saturdays- I'm supposed to be there until 4PM because I'm part-time, but I leave earlier at 1PM because fuck that noise, I get there early every day and I have more hours than most of the full-time students in my class. Why shouldn't I fucking leave? Especially if I've already taken a client and done my part.

Why doesn't she ever go bitch at my classmates who never show up? Or the ones who never take clients at all? Why have I got to be the one she decides to shit on? I'm there every Goddamned day the school is open, with the exception of a few days here and there when I was sick or had an emergency or my family was visiting. I have never outright refused a client- I may not leap up and beg for something when the receptionist brings the client sheets in, but I do take what I'm given. I have shown distaste in front of her before (which is when all this shit started), when I was handed a cellulite treatment to do and I didn't even say no, I just cringed a little. Why? Because my hands are pre-arthritic and I can't find my wrist brace. She have that client to someone else (after tearing me a new asshole, of course), but I took another one a couple of hours later, and I could hardly hold onto my steering wheel when I drove home. My hands were so stiff and painful that I was in tears. It's getting worse, too- my wrists and knuckles crack when I'm working on clients all the time, whether I take a moment to crack them before the service or not. Nobody's complained so far, but I know they can hear it.

I made a mistake. I have no problem admitting that. But I felt I was doing the right thing in regards to my client's safety and I can't believe I'm being punished for it. Don't they teach us to make our own calls? And I got a second and third opinion, all of us agreed it was probably best to either not do the service or to take it easy. It's all about money with that woman, she could give two shits about how good we are past how much dough she can rake in on our blood, sweat, and tears.

I cannot wait to graduate and never have to touch this paramedical shit again. I hate using machines, I hate chemical peels... I didn't get into this so I could be someone's doctor. I just want to help people relax. It's what I'm good at, it's what I love. I care absolutely nothing about burning people's faces off with chemicals or sandblasting their skin or laser resurfacing or any of that bullshit.

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