Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Goddamn it.

Well, I got a piece of awful news today.

Greenie hasn't called me in months, and I haven't had the presence of mind to call her for a while. Her dad has been working for my stepdad, and he told us that Greenie's grandmother has been calling him, asking him to come up to Kansas. Why? Because apparently Greenie AND her husband have been doing meth. Nice, seeing as they have a little boy.

I tried to call her but her number's been disconnected. I have no other way to contact her.

I'm so sick of this. I guess I just give too much undue credit and I should just start expecting people to disappoint me. Nearly all my friends that I've made since I first left Georgia in 2003 have turned out to be huge fuckups. I don't get it- surely these people know better.

Anyway... that's all, I guess. For now.

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